As of today (April 15th), I have completed some crucial aspects of my project but I still have a long way to go and need everyone’s help. So far I have…

  • Sat in on an extremely interesting class with Professor Tranquillo. I chose his class because of his hand on (somewhat hackerish) approach to teaching. Also, I sat down and discussed different teaching methods I could utilize for my project. Dr. T also provided me with some great articles on teaching methods, some which he had written himself.
  • I have begun to write my lesson plan. My topic is Iceland’s financial meltdown.  I know I have already done a paper on the subject, but I feel comfortable with the material and will be able to convey my message clearer than just picking a random topic and trying to learn it in two weeks. The only problem I have run into in picking what part of the topic I want to focus on most. I think I will focus a lot of it on  economic responsibility in a global environment.

I mentioned earlier that I need help from you guys. Can you talk to your friends and give me three names of people who would be interested in the subject, or just simply  just want to help out. Tell them it would be a twenty to thirty minute meeting and there will be food. This would be a huge help!



  1. Grrr…. I already wrote this and then logged out instead of submitting.


    I emailed you names.

    Iceland makes sense. You know it. It is timely. It is technical so that will produce a variety of scores. You need variety to be able to measure differences. If it is too easy, then you will get high scores for both groups.

    Also, make sure NOT to indicate to them that one group is getting methods that are in anyway better or worse. You don’t wnatto prime them.

    Earl Babbie is a good reference for research design. The Practice of Social Research. Library has a copy.

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