The purpose of my project – I feel that I have not done anything creative or artistic in a long time and I would like to reignite that old passion of mine. I feel this project is very hacker given its playfulness and its creativity. The goal is to create an interesting coffee table-type book.

The specific elements or components you will do – I will build multiple intricate stick buildings in various settings and take artistic photos of them. Then I will put the pictures I have taken onto my computer. From there I could put those photos into photoshop and play around with them to make them look as good as possible. I have some experience in photoshop that I would like to use. Once the photos are ready for the book, I will put them into book format using the program I got from, send my work into them, and they’ll send me back the finished book.

How you will share it in the showcase – I won’t be able to have the book sent to me in time for the showcase so I will print my photos out on photo paper and paste them all on a couple pieces of foam board. I think this is a better layout for the showcase anyway.

Here is just a little taste for the type of buildings I will create. I plan on building them in a variety of settings and making them a little more elaborate. I also will put them in photoshop and play around with them a bit to make the photos look interesting. This is just a quick, rough trial run.



  1. It is great to see the pictures. Where did you take them? Are the houses getting more complicated as you do more? Why do you like them?

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