Learning Reflection:

I believe that this project is one of the few assignments I have completed in college which I have truly enjoyed doing.  I only wish that I could have a few more weeks to transform it into the resource I imagined it to be.  From the start, I planned on creating a website where I could post trips/ places Bucknell students can go.  In my original proposal, I wanted the website to be designed so people could write comments under each of my posts.  I ended up choosing to create a blog through Google Blogger.  Google Blogger enables people with Google accounts to become followers of blogs.  As Bucknell moves from Webmail to Google Mail in the next year, I feel that there is a better chance of students becoming a follower of my blog than if the blog was through another provider.

I think my finished project accurately reflects my original vision for the project.  In my original proposal I wrote: “I will create a website on which I will post blurbs and pictures of the different places and what all you can do there.  I see the website as being something students can go to for ideas on things to do off campus.  Ideally the website will be designed so that students can add comments on the page under each trip.”  My finished product is a website which does exactly what I stated above.  With this said, as I got more into the project, my vision evolved and I began to see that for this website to be useful to students, I must do a lot more than merely make the site.  Unfortunately, there is not enough time left in the semester for me to complete the next steps.

For my blog to be really successful, I feel that I need to find underclassmen who share my passion for exploring new things and are willing to keep the blog up and running.  I would need to give them access to the blog password so they can continue to post new trips in the future.  Next, I need to link my blog to Facebook.  This would instantly bring attention to my blog and would enable Bucknell students to more easily follow it.

While I do not have time to do the aforementioned things for this class, I am going to attempt to do them for my own personal fulfillment after the craziness of graduation is over.  I feel that my blog can be a really valuable resource however the truly valuable aspect of it is not the posts themselves in many cases but the first hand experiences people share via comments.  I did not realize this fact until the very end of the project.  It finally hit me that much of the outdoor adventures out there are not posted on the internet.  They are hidden gems which can only be passed on by word of mouth via comments on the blog.

This project has made me realize that you don’t have to go to other countries or even other states to experience new and exciting things.  As technology and the internet becomes a greater part of our lives, we have the resources available to discover new adventures in our own backyards.  And yet we seldom take advantage of these resources.  In my four years here at Bucknell, I have never really explored what all you can do in the area surrounding Lewisburg.  I was one of the first to say “Bucknell is in the middle of nowhere.” and “The only real reason to have a car here is to get home.  You can’t go anywhere other than Wal-Mart here.”  These statements are so very wrong!!  Looking back at my time here, I wish I had taken advantage of more of the things you can do off campus.

After graduation, I will have two months to do whatever I wish before I begin working in August.  This will be the last time for a long time that I will have two months off guilt free and I intend to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  While I do not have the money to go on a bunch of expensive trips to faraway places, this project has made me realize that you do not have to go far or spend much to have adventures.

In the future, I feel it would be really beneficial for students to start working on this project earlier on in the semester.  For many of us in the class, it took a few weeks from the date we were given this assignment for us to really pin down exactly what we wanted to do and how we were going to be able to do it.  I know you didn’t want to give us this project till after we read the Hacker Ethic for obvious reasons.  Even prompting us to think about what our passion is earlier could have been helpful.

My advice for future students in this class is to focus from day one on what form they wish their final product to take and what they will need to do to achieve this.  This sounds like a given however I think that the majority of us struggled with this.  I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to create a website but I did not think about how to create it so as to keep it going after I graduate.  I attached my blog to my own Google account and in retrospect I wish I had made a separate account for this blog.  That would make it easier for me to pass the blog on to underclassmen.  Now, if I wish to pass the blog on, I need to recreate it in a new account.  If I had thought a little more from the start about the logistics of the blog, I would have saved myself this trouble.

I hope you like my blog and enjoy reading my posts.  For the purposes of grading my blog, I am now done adding posts however the blog will never really be complete as new posts can forever be added.  The link to the blog is: http://thingstodoaroundbu.blogspot.com/



I regretfully have had a super busy week and am not as far in my blog as I would like to be.  Since I am running out of time, I am posting the link to the blog on here anyways.  I have done the research on 4 other places but have not had time to type everything up neatly and make posts.  Saturday afternoon (tomorrow) I am going to sit down and take the time to get the blog to where I want it to be.  Then I am going to start telling my friends about it and sharing the link in the hopes of getting feedback from students who have done any of the trips (via comments).



I am currently compiling information on various things you can do around the Lewisburg area as well as in nearby cities.  I am using my peers to get information on cool things they have done in the area as well as using the internet to find details on various places.  By this Sunday (April 18th), I will have enough data entries on my blog to get the ball rolling.  I will post the link on this blog on Sunday so you all can check it out.  I am hopeful that if I pass word about the blog on to friends, people will start to use the site and post comments etc.

Throughout the next two weeks, I will advertise the blog around campus.  I will also continue to gather information on other exciting things to add to the blog.



  1. There are a couple good cliff jump places I know about that I go to all the time during the fall semester. I could give you directions if you want to include these spots in your blog.

  2. What is a the bottom of the cliff?

  3. water of course

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