“Discovering your Hacker Ethic” Update

In high school, sports occupied the majority of my time and talents.  Academics and other extracurricular activities took over in college, and now the “life after college” stage is quickly approaching.  Finding the “perfect” job fresh off of graduation in this economy may not be attainable, but I intend to make some progress on the matter.  At the end of this project, I hope to limit the number of possible jobs I may accept that correlate with my unique “Hacker ethic.”

I am considering possible job openings in: A real estate position in Pittsburgh, a pharmaceutical representative in North Carolina, a HRM position in various cities, or I could choose to work at Ross Mould (the family business).

I have interviewed one person already, and will finish up the other two or three this week.  For the presentation next weekend, I plan to create a display that illustrate all the great input and suggestions I receive from the interviews.  I also plan to show the class a little demonstration on what it is the family business does with some products from the shop floor.

I have decided to write a paper that summarizes all of the interviews, my interpretation of the feedback, the realization of my hacker ethic, and my choice of jobs that I feel will best suits myself.  I like the peer evaluation format of the final project, and I should have the paper done by May 7th.



  1. oops. I guess I missed you first time around.

  2. Where did you find these people?

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