I am going to move forward with my original idea of finding out where my passions and interests can lead to with a job opportunity. I want to specifically look at marketing and sports. I am going to meet with both Professor Sweeney and Professor Traflet to get a strong but lose foundation on the marketing job structure. I will then contact three alumni who have been in marketing. I am looking to have my final piece be a commercial that presents my findings and advertises how and why I ended with my conclusions. I will also try to get in contact with family friends who know of cool jobs or opportunities in both sports and marketing.  If anyone has a contact they know involved in a sports marketing job (or one of them separately) please let me know! I am looking for my commercial to be about 5 minutes long that will start with clips and or pictures of my interests and life up to this point. Then I will go into how I matched my life experiences and interests with those that I interview and research to land at jobs ideals (whether it be in some sort of athletic research job or marketing or mixed). I will need to spend a lot of time learning how to make the video because I am not that technologically savvy and have never made a video by myself.

Any suggestions are welcome! Anyone you think would be a good contact or video ideas, thanks!



  1. An Update:

    I have decided that I want to do a thorough research paper on marketing including recent marketing strategies (involving many psychological aspects) and mainly focusing on the heated debate of whether marketing serves an ethical purpose or is merely driving our society towards an unsustainable materialistic society. I have begun to read through three recent books (“The Price is Wrong”, “Priceless”, and “Why Popcorn Costs so Much at the Movies”). I have also looked at scholarly articles and case studies by Levitt and Kotler (two well known writers on marketing) that discuss both the benefits and controversies surrounding marketing. This is a debate that really intrigues me and I think I would really enjoy as my final capstone paper as a senior. After reading one of your guidelines on the blog (Demonstrate that interest with a project that reflects the highest level of research, communication, writing, and creative thinking skills of a Bucknell student. This is the capstone of the capstone). I can identify my interest as the desire of wanting to be able to fully assess marketing and its cumulative (both positive and negative) effects on society as it has been a curiousity of mine for quite some time now. In terms of a hacker ethic, I am determined and passionate about creating my own debate in my research paper.

    In terms of the length of the paper and the criteria on how I think it should be evaluated, I think the evaluation points should be focused on the legitimacy of my sources and how well I present all sides of the argument in addition to paper flow and the organization of the paper. I haven’t decided on the length–I was thinking anywhere from 8-11 pages would be an appropriate length. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss this if you would like. I’m pretty excited about getting started into the actual paper as I have begun to read many of the sources.

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