Posted by: lindabundy | April 20, 2010

Volunteering Update


I have conducted all of my interviews, which is a nice milestone to have behind me. Some of the responses were as I had anticipated, but some of the responses really surprised me. I have set up a format that I like for my newsletter. (I’m not completely satisfied with the lay-out/aesthetics, but I’m hoping to have the appearance as I want it by this weekend.) I’m working on rough drafts for all of the articles, and ironing-out the flow of articles within the newsletter.



  1. You say that some of your responses came as a surprise. Does this change the scope or direction of your final product at all? I’ve found in my planning that my game plan is continually shifting,

  2. What surprised you about the responses?

    Do people have “stock’ answers about why they volunteer?

  3. I was really surprised when the one individual that I interviewed turned my one question back on me. I was asking him a question to get at the reason why volunteering and serving look different between the Haitian earthquake and the soup kitchen in Milton, Pa. He responded along the lines of “do you mean because of scope or because of proximity?”. I had only considered scope, not proximity. I had entertained thoughts of the media influencing aid to the horrific, I hadn’t entertained the thoughts of what constitutes appropriate aid.

    I was also really surprised by how many responses focused on the one volunteering more than on the ones needing help. I anticipated people would say they volunteered because they saw a great need, or because they had been raised to know that doing service is the “right” thing to do. I hadn’t stopped to consider people plugging in their skills in the right spot, or how their personal demographics will affect what they do and how they do it.

    I definitely want to break down the scope vs. proximity thoughts some more. Things look very different when they are in our personal backyard, but in our age of connectivity, has our metaphorical backyard changed?

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