Posted by: seanmking | April 20, 2010

Reignting the Passion! Questions

Below are the sample interview questions I will ask the professional athletes I interview.  I would appreciate any feedback  the class has on questions you would like me to ask that would pertain to this project.

Possible Interview questions regarding Monetization of Passion:

1)      Growing up, did you play multiple sports or just (sport)?

  1. If multiple -> When did you decide to focus solely on (sport)
  2. Did you choose to play (sport) because you had the most passion for it or because you were best at it and saw a future in it?

2)      Did you always want to become a professional (sport) player?

  1. If no -> When did you figure out that you were good enough to play professionally?

3)      How many years have you been playing professionally?

  1. What teams have you been on and for how long?

4)      How has your passion for (sport) given you the chance to be successful in ways that the vast majority of players were not able to be?

  1. Do you think you still have the same intense drive today that once allowed you to excel beyond everyone else?

5)      Do you view (sport) the same way now (meaning, now that you are a professional) as opposed to when you were just an amateur?

  1. If no -> What is different?
  2. Is there more pressure?

6)      Now that (sport) is your livelihood, do you find yourself thinking of (sport) as a job, and practice as work?

  1. If yes -> Does that remove some of the element of the sport that you once loved?

7)      Professional athletes are arguably some of the most competitive people on the planet; however, changing teams and cities may remove some of the team aspect from the game.

  1. Do you think players feel the same connection to their professional team as they did towards their college team or youth teams?

8)      Would you say you embody the hacker work ethic? (Hackers work insanely hard, but they are passionate about their work and enjoy it.)



  1. Your last interview question confuses me. Are you going to explain what a Hacker Ethic is before you ask? I doubt many have them have actually read the book. Maybe you could ask something about motivational techniques they use to keep themselves going.

  2. Question 1, sub-question 2: I would phrase this question: Why did you choose to play (sport)? The way you have the question worded, you are kind of pigeon- holding them to a particular answer. If they do not really answer the question you can further give those examples.

    I would try and reword question # 6 and 7. They are yes or no questions which are normally less effective in interviews. For instance, # 7 you could reword to ask: How do you feel that your connection to your professional team differs from your connection with your college or youth teams?

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