Posted by: crd012 | April 19, 2010

Coaching Decisions

So I have decided to one write a paper about coaching. This paper will include about how I feel the best way to approach coaching baseball to kids, practice and game strategies, why I like coaching baseball, comments from the coaches that I interview and probably problems that coaches run into or mistakes they make. On April 27th I have a meeting with Coach Glenn. If that meeting goes well and I can get a bullpen with his pitchers as soon as possible I will video tape that and showing the drills and things that I change of the mechanics for the pitchers. If he lets me know that I can not get a bullpen with his pitchers quick enough I will do my own video of me pitching showing my pitches, various drills that I do, the stretching and warm ups that I do, and explanations of what to do after you have pitched.



  1. Chris, it sounds like you have come to some closure about the form of your project. Does that clarity help you focus on next steps?

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