Posted by: mmagill | April 14, 2010

My Final Project Proposal

My plan for this project has taken new shape and I am ready to move forward with my plan. I have always enjoyed playing and listening to music. One of my favorite activities/hobbies is finding new artists and learning more about them. I have been fascinated with the music industry my entire life and would love to ultimately make a living working in the industry.

My initial plan was to create a business model that involves music in some way or another. I had come up with a plan for an open source music development site which has been started (see: Next, I thought about creating a microfinance service for musicians as a means of starting tours, recordings etc, this too has been started (see:

Obviously this was a bit frustrating in terms of trying to develop my project goals. After meeting with Jordi I have decided to move forward with a project that will explore the current state of the music industry. What I hope to gain from this project is a greater understanding of some of the most recent trends regarding: intellectual property rights, recording, financing, touring, popular music, independent music, and hopefully a few other aspects of the industry. I would like to investigate the success of and in terms of success rates, usage and popularity. I would like a portion of my project to be dedicated to my personal analysis of these sites as I was initially interested in creating something along these lines.

I see my project taking the form of a “docu-presentation.” This format will resemble our 1st paper but will likely be more polished and potentially involve audio and video formatting. I plan on writing a narrative to be synced with my presentation.

I plan on conducting a great deal of research next week and would hope to start writing by the end of the week. I would like to get started on creating my presentation the following week.

In terms of sharing my work with others I am fine with the idea of a showcase where we can invite friends. I like Linda’s idea and agree that this will be best on a Sunday or a weekday.


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