Posted by: lindabundy | April 8, 2010

Final Project Presentation Idea

In thinking about how we could present our artwork at the end of our projects…

Could we hold a showcase event on May 2nd (maybe a mid-afternoon event) in an open venue (maybe the LC center room, or Larison Dining Hall, or some spot that can open like these)? We could all give a brief synopsis of what our work has entailed, and then there could be time for the audience members to go around to each of us (who would ideally have some sort of material with us…maybe pictures, maybe posters, maybe a laptop set-up, maybe stick houses, etc.) so we could talk about our projects more in-depth and answer any questions. The entire event could be advertised along the lines of “Being a hacker? Isn’t that illegal?”. We could advertise it to the campus at large, but we could also invite people personally that may have a vested interest in our project. For example, since I’m doing a project focusing on volunteering, I may personally invite Poppy Goforth and Janice Butler and maybe even management faculty involved with MGMT 101. Whoever is doing the baseball project may want to invite local tener league baseball coaches. And so forth.

I’m not sure if there’s anything really viable in this idea, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to throw it out there. Thoughts?



  1. I think it sounds like a great idea. What do others think?

    What is May 2? Last day of classes?

    Is that best time?

  2. The last day of classes is May 4th. May 2nd is a Sunday. I figured most people will still be around, and (selfishly), it’s when I can do it, as I am leaving for Wisconsin on May 4th and will not be back until the 14th.

  3. Ah. Sunday afternoon seems like a potentially good time to me. Relaxed. Nice weather.

    I like Linda’s idea and agree that this will be best on a Sunday or a weekday.

  5. I like this idea however my one critique would be that with the exception of some faculty members who are personally invited, I feel that people will trickle in rather than all arriving at one time. As a result, rather than giving an overview to the entire group it may make more sense to just have it be open and let people walk around the room from project to project as they please.

  6. That is what I though we would do. We could bill it as an open house.

    What else would get people in the door?

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