Posted by: heatherbrake | April 6, 2010

Final Project: The Hacker Ethic of a Traveler


Rather than creating my own website, I have decided to use through Google as the platform for my project.  I chose this because I feel that with Bucknell Webmail switching over to Google mail, the likelihood of this students utilizing the blog is much greater.  I am currently playing around with the site and learning how to use it.  I will update this blog when I have the site up and running.


During the fall semester of my Junior year, I went abroad to Australia.  While there, I took advantage of every opportunity to travel and see new things.  I tried pretty much every adventure sport there was to offer and had the time of my life trying new things.  Since returning to the U.S. I have really missed traveling.  It wasn’t until brainstorming for this project however, that I realized my true passion is traveling and seeing different parts of the world.  Since traveling is costly, I have not been able to do too much of it since returning to the U.S.

Reflecting on my trip, I have come to realize that we often take for granted all the cool things we can do in our own state, even our own town.  For my project, I will do research on various “adventurous” things you can do without needing to travel too far or spend too much money.  I will choose some things which a Bucknell student could do in a day and some things which would require a road trip and a long weekend.

I will create a website on which I will post blurbs and pictures of the different places and what all you can do there.  I will try and do as many of the things as possible however the longer trips I will not be able to do since we only have 6 weeks left.  I may run into some difficulties creating the website however I do have a little experience creating a website in highschool for a class so hopefully it will not be too difficult.  I see the website as being something students can go to for ideas on things to do off campus.  Ideally the website will be designed so that students can add comments on the page under each trip.

One of my biggest resources will be the technology department at Bucknell.  I hope to find someone who can help teach me the necessary skills to be able to create the website.  I would like to have the technology figured out and have enough information gathered on different trips that I can get the website up by Friday April 16th.  Throughout the rest of April I will continue to update the website and hopefully see students engaged in it.  I will have my Final Reflection done and turned in by Sunday May 9th.



  1. Very cool idea. I know that once you have your site up & running, the admissions office would probably really appreciate such a resource (since it could be really insightful for prospective students, as well as useful for current students).

    If you’re planning to make the website interactive, there is a possibility that some of the “adventures” you mention could get some negative comments that are presented disrespectfully. Do you have any contingency plans in mind for how to deal with these? How do you think a hacker would react to these?

  2. This sounds interesting. I once jumped of a 30-40 foot cliff not to far away from here. It was into a creek off the Susquehana river, you just need to make sure that the weather has not been dry lately or else the water height is questionable. I also know that there is a skydiving place around here for like $150, which is relatively cheap compared to other places. This website is something that would be cool and probably get utilized because the Bucknell scene can get kind of boring.

  3. This sounds great. I’ve always been jealous of friends at city schools who can easily go to concerts, sight-see, etc. I think in the midst of my jealousy I forgot to get creative and see what is around Lewisburg. This could potentially be a great resource for Bucknell to share with incoming and current students–even a good admissions recruitment tool.

  4. Great idea! I love how passion and necessity lead to close and affordable trips., the software I sue for this, may be viable for your project. Between Ross and I, we can show you how to do a lot in 30-60 minutes.

    I can think of lots of resources for you. I’ll add them as I think of them. Or maybe add them to my social bookmarks ( also.

    I know lots of faculty and other people who live in the area would love to contribute and read this.

    Susquehanna life is a lifestyle magazine based in Lewisburg with lots of possibilities.

    There is a fun book called Weird Pennsylvania.

    The Linn conservancy has good trails in Union County. I added these to the sidebar–> to the right.

  5. Also- I think you can enlist as many other people as you can or want into scouting interesting trips. You could expand the scope in the compressed time you have. You may want to consider your role is how to create the tool and nethic of info sharing so that others can contribute rather than assuming that you alone are responsible for content.

    Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky is one book that explores this theme.

  6. There is a large fishing community in the area because of the Susquehanna River. I’m not sure if you are a huge fisherman or have even been, but in terms of something cheap and fun to do outdoors, nothing beats a good fishing trips. Also, tubing down the S. River in tons of fun maybe you could include that.

  7. Maybe some of us can check some of these out.

    I saw this book last summer at a friend in the UK’s house that was a guide to swimming holes. It had a whole philosophy about reclaiming wild spaces as spaces to swim in, explore and learn from.

    Got me thinking about a US version.

    It included practical stuff like how to deal with water safety, gear, and right of use laws and issues.

  8. This idea sounds awesome. I often get a bit antsy here at Bucknell and want to try a cool activity nearby and do not quite know where to start. I know there is skydiving nearby and reptile land which I heard is pretty cool.

  9. Have you started the blog yet? What trips have you done/plan to do?

    Are you going to enlist others to do some trips and report back?

  10. Also, have you looked into any readings about how people feel a sense of place. I was just thinking that one aspect of what you are doing is giving people who are “temporary” residents ways to get a better sense of place.

  11. Linn conservancy:

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