Posted by: crd012 | April 5, 2010

Coaching Project

The difference for many teams for young kids is how good their coaching is. I have seen and experienced some great coaches and terrible coaches. Usually you can see differences in how the teams perform. One of the biggest differences in quality of coaching is in the quality of practices. There are many coaches who simply do not know how to run a good practice. Without good practices the team’s performance will suffer. Therefore I have designed a baseball practice that will keep pretty much everyone on the team active at all times, which keeps people interested at all times while letting them improve.


Warm Up: Stretching and Long Tossing

Fielding: Alligators/Fly Balls/Multi Infield/Multi Outfield/Infield and Outfield

Batting: Soft Toss/Hitting off Tees/Hitting Cages

Base Running and Pitchers and Catchers Bullpen

Cut off Relays

Perfect 10

Live Hitting

This practice is one that can apply to pretty much all levels. This is a fast moving practice pace that keeps the players focused at all times.

Alligators are when infields throw ground balls to each other and they work on their form in taking ground balls, whether they be right at them, forehands, or backhands. Multi Infield and Multi Outfield is when the outfielders hit ground balls to infielders and infielders hit flyballs to outfielders. The Pitchers and Catchers Bullpen can be when the pitchers need to get their regular work in or when pitchers and catchers need to do workouts. Cut off Relays are when teams of four do sets of cut offs to see which group is the quickest to do the set. The losers would then have to run laps. Perfect 10 is when a coach does infield and outfield with the whole team and the plays have to be absolutely perfect in order for the drill to end. If there are any other questions on how each drill would work I can go into further detail in the comments.

The design of this practice is to give hitters and fielders as many reps as possible, constantly having the ball in their hands so that they feel involved at all times. The more work that each player gets the better the player will perform on the field.



  1. What are you going to do with this baseball practice outlined above? How are you going to take this and turn it into a project? Also, are you going to do research on some of the things other coaches do wrong?

  2. Sounds like you’ve covered just about everything in this practice. It seems like the only thing your missing is base running. Maybe you could incorporate base running into the perfect 10 drill. For example, the coach hits fly balls into the outfield and then you have some runners running the bases. Teach them how to take good leads, where to be on the base path depending on where the ball is hit etc.

    To make it a project, maybe you could get hooked up with some local team, run the practice, and film it. Then you can edit the film and possibly turn it into an instructional video.

  3. That was my thinking too!

    Somehow use video because that is way more efficient of a way to explain something as physical as playing a sport.

  4. Maybe you could look at video jug for ideas of how to present?

  5. Look at this!

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