Posted by: Jordi | March 29, 2010

A Partial List of Past Ideas

Some of you asked me about past projects.  Below is a partial list of past projects without their author’s names.   I need to double-check it is ok with them before I start handing out their work.

Spring 2009

  • A colorful brochure about how to be a hacker accountant pitched towards BU students
  • An ethnography of work ethics among students at Bucknell
  • A rap song and video extolling the hacker ethic
  • A paper on social media in presidential campaigns
  • A photo essay on passion among Bucknell students
  • A blog documenting the hacker’s self-teaching of how to do recycled fashion
  • A podcast about new forms of anarchy
  • A business plan for a fashion (like Gucci) social networking company

Fall-Spring 2007 (partial).  These were before I started using the Hacker Ethic book but did allow students to design their own final project.

  • A blog about terrorism
  • A paper on privacy in the age of social media
  • A documentary (sort of) about how young people use computers
  • A comparison of TV and the Internet, how they diffused, and how they were received by society
  • A study of Bucknell friendship networks to determine if it is a small world network
  • A study of kid-themed virtual worlds
  • A paper examining the networks of cults
  • An attempt to compare viral and traditional marketing techniques for a real internet start up
  • A paper looking at the wikimedia project as an attempt to leapfrog stages of economic development.

I also have some free advice from last year’s students in their learning reflection where I asked them what advice they have for this year’s students.  I’ll post those.


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