Posted by: mmagill | March 29, 2010

“Passion and Work: Finding Happiness in the Day-to-Day”

As I am someone who engages in a variety of different hobbies and activities I find it is difficult for me to pin down one particular passion. I feel that a valuable project for me would be to explore the notion of passion and how one ultimately finds a true calling and purpose. It seems as though a hacker ethic results from extensive trial and error as one sifts through different activities in order to find the most relevant and rewarding calling. Through my project I would hope to determine what allows people to find their passions, and what drives them to continue the pursuit of these passions. I feel that valuable insight could be gained from a variety of sources. I plan on interviewing professors, fellow students, athletes, professionals etc. I would find this experience very educational as it could potentially expose the process and evolution of the hacker work ethic. I would hope to gain insight into the varying degrees of work ethic, and how these passions consume or fit into one’s life.

I hope to narrow down my interviewees and the questions I will be asking by April 5th. I would like to complete my interviews by April 18th and would like to complete my project by April 30th. I think Himanen’s book would be a valuable framework for developing my project but may want to conduct some more research and find other materials.

I will likely run into some difficulty scheduling interviews and finding people willing to participate. I am not entirely sure about how this will be given or presented as a final product. Ideally I would like to create a documentary about this but think that I might run into some time crunches with that.



  1. I like the focus on how people sort multiple passions! I can relate to that. Making a video can be time consuming, but think how much you would learn about that process!

    I am happy to see people thinking about interviews, but did I imply it is a requirement? I am just puzzled reading two proposals where that seems central.

    Another theme comes out at the end of his book: the PWE is still dominant in many ways in our network society. The HWE is more of a minority alternative. DO you agree? Is HWE becoming more prevalent? If it is, will it challenge powerful interests or some sort of backlash?

  2. I know you mention the “evolution of the HWE,” which is a concept I find intriguing. Do you think mere time has caused this evolution? Has the network society contributed to this evolution? Or changed the course of the evolution?

  3. This is definitely a difficult question to answer. Do you mean passion for things outside of work, with work, or a combination of both. Because there are plenty of people who are passionate about their work, while there are plenty of people who don’t enjoy their job but are passionate about something else in their lives. It would be interesting to maybe find people with the three different view points and find out what makes them happy from day-to-day.

  4. I am not sure how tech savvy you are but I feel like the actual process of videotaping interviewees will not be difficult or too time consuming. The difficult parts will be figuring out who exactly you want to interview and what you want to ask them as well as the actual combining of the video clips into a documentary. I like where you are going with this though!

  5. Any further thoughts on a documentary?

    I can give you some leads of people I know. For example, an old high school friend who is trying to change nutrition trough lunchboxes! Or a friend who is trying to be a film maker. Or a friend who works as a training consultant.

    There are probably good web sources for making a documentary. You are a good writer. Why not combine the visual and the narrative? I wonder how many hours of work= one minute of documentary. I also know 3,4,5 people who do this kind of thing who would probably talk to you.

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